Amadeo Barrios

The Lost Star (2013 - )

Lyrical singer and poet uniting forces from different worlds. Baroque pop artist, singer/songwriter & poet The Lost Star is carried aloft on the currents of meme and memory. From the goddess Mary Magdalene to the courtesan Diamond Lil, her characters-in-song carry forth the ageless feminine wisdom that is 'sofia.'

....Parisian pop artist The Lost Star, who devotes a cut from her latest album to the « Goddess of the Gospels » (song title), asserts that long before the Da Vinci Code craze and sensational text translation, « an arcane circle of people were already tuned in to the possibility and probability that Mary Magdalene played a much more important role in the saga of Christianity and the life of Jesus Christ than most people were led to believe. »

Mary Magdalene Madness - The Huffingston Post