Amadeo Barrios

Ruth (2004)

The new musical from the Old Testament

13 hours, in the 1st arrondissement of Paris, a crowd of young people takes possession of the hall of 23, rue de Sourdiere for the hearing of the musical comedy Ruth

The History

Princess of the land of Moab, neighboring country of Israel, the life of Ruth is broken by the death of her husband ... His mother in law, Noémie, also widowed, finds himself without child, with only his two families Beautiful girls Ruth and Orpa ... She will then decide to return to her country ...

Ruth is also going to take the hard decision to follow her and to leave behind her all her wealth, rank, family, history ... To become a child of Israel ... after their arrival, Boaz, a wealthy lord of the city, will finish the period of mourning for his wife and when visiting his fields he will meet the eyes of Ruth to whom he will grant his protection