Amadeo Barrios

Attitude of Life

The body hides nothing. It can not hide anything. It can not cheat. He speaks its truth without blush, expresses its identity and reveals the soul deep within himself. The body has a language and this language says it all. As a vector of expression and personality, the body has its singular, signifying truth. He tells the individual in his entity. To take care of his body, to have an acute awareness and understanding, it is to take care not only of his image but of his deep being.
The body alone can do nothing. Receiving all the messages that the brain transmits to him, he is constantly guided by the spirit that dictates his conduct. By the force of the mind, the body can improve its endurance, to surpass itself, to metamorphose, to express emotions.
Focus on yourself so you do not get distracted or disturbed by the outside environment. It is relearning to prioritize, to restore their true value to the things of life. Discern those that truly concern us from those that come to parasite our affect therefore our health. Being in touch with oneself.
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